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6 Washington Hospitals Ranked Among Americas Best In 2020 – Seattle, WA Patch

The health care information company Healthgrades recently released its latest rankings of the best hospitals in the United States. In Washington, six hospitals were named as part of the 250 hospitals listed.

Healthgrades said in a release about the 2020 rankings that patients treated in hospitals on its list have a 26.6 percent lower chance of dying than if they were treated in hospitals that weren’t named to the rankings.

Healthgrades evaluated hospital performance through 32 procedures and conditions. To be eligible for the list, a hospital must have successful evaluations in at least 21 of the procedures and conditions.

The procedures and conditions evaluated by Healthgrades included treatment of heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, respiratory failure, sepsis and stroke.

After identifying eligible hospitals, Healthgrades used a series of steps to compile the list of the top 250 hospitals in the nation. You can read the full methodology for the rankings here.

Here are the Washington hospitals ranked among the best in the nation:

Top 50:

Top 100:

Top 250:

The hospitals listed above are organized alphabetically and are not ranked in any particular order. Healthgrades’ complete list of the top 250 hospitals is also organized by state and not ranked in any order.

“Sustaining a high level of care is challenging and requires a hospital-wide commitment and a ‘patient-first’ culture. We applaud these elite hospitals on being recognized as the best in the nation,” said Brad Bowman, the chief medical officer at Healthgrades, in a news release. “With increasing awareness on the importance of hospital quality, this information is a vital resource for consumers when it comes to selecting a hospital for their specific care needs.”

Healthgrades’ mission is to “help patients find and connect with the right doctor or hospital,” according to its website. The organization says it collects its data from a variety of sources including the National Provider Registry, which is a government directory of all active health care providers in the United States.

Additionally, Healthgrades pulls information from patient surveys, data from government sources and data that comes directly from providers or practices.

You can see the full list of the top 50, 100 and 250 hospitals from Healthgrades on its website.