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MORE?!? Weak weather system may bring a little snow back to Western Washington – KOMO News

by Scott Sistek | Meteorologist

GOES 17 Satellite image on Feb. 27, 2019. (NASA/NOAA Image)

SEATTLE — As someone who both likes the snow and still has piles several inches thick covering shady parts of my lawn, I get the anguish and excitement that may come with the following news: There may yet again be a little snow around Western Washington Wednesday evening and night.

BUT! The emphasis is on “little” snow. This is not a widespread event, just a weak weather system that is tossing what normally would be nothing more than some light showers our way, only it’s still cold and dry enough that snow levels would be near the ground. Consider it “SnowMEHgeddon” than “Snowmaggedon”.

Or, you might just call it “flurries.”

The best chance for that little bit of snow late Wednesday evening and night is over in the Cascade foothills and in the North Sound — like Snohomish County northward.

Forecast models and our infamous snow maps that are the darling of social media these days remain unimpressed with any snow totals and now even less — a Trace to up to *maybe* 1 inch for the snow lottery winners east and north. Elsewhere occasional light snow showers or flurries may bring a dusting. The vaunted European forecast model has forecast about 0.4 inches of snow in Seattle. Some of the University of Washington models have less than 0.1 inches of snow around Seattle — not exactly worthy of revisiting the Seattle Snow Panic manual. (Besides, you have that memorized now anyway.)

If you are driving when one of those snow showers hits, it could briefly put down a slick layer of slush and make for low visibilities. But compared to the wintry gauntlet that we went through two weeks ago, this should be relative child’s play (though probably not enough for actual child’s play unless you’re in to making really tiny snowmen.) Low temperatures will be in the upper 20s to near 30 so a light freeze is likely but schools will probably solider on Thursday.

We may see a few lingering flurries on Thursday with temperatures struggling to get to the low 40s, but still warm enough to quickly melt whatever fell.

This weak system heads out by Thursday night and we resume our regularly scheduled sunny but chilly pattern. We’re expecting clear skies Friday through Tuesday with highs in the low-mid 40s and lows in the upper 20s to low 30s.